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AAPL, weakness continues

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AAPL, weakness continues logomacitynet1200wide 1

The weakness of the Apple stock continues. After the collapse, contextual to the Steve Jobs keynote, AAPL continues to find no cues to recover and so continues to slide more and more.Yesterday the title of the Apple lost more than 2%, closing at just over $ 19 and The series of successive decreases has led AAPL to a regression of almost 25% in just over a week canceling all the way traveled upward over the last 40 days.As mentioned the problems of the Apple courses depending strictly on the lack of announcements of new products in New York, which suggests that investors and analysts that the current quarter will not be particularly bright for company budgets. In fact, many analysts predict a slowdown in sales of the new iBooks, which have played the role of driving force over the past few weeks. At the same time, Titanium's recession should continue, the protagonist in the quarter between January and March. The new G4s could make some contributions to support the market, but they certainly cannot be decisive given the crisis affecting the whole desktop sector; As for the iMacs, it is difficult to expect anything else other than to limit the damage.In this scenario, it is not reasonable to expect that the Apple title, unless general price hikes or surprise announcements that are not on the horizon for now, can shine with light shining in the coming weeks.

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