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AAPL, strong setback

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AAPL, strong setback – logomacitynet1200wide 1

It closed with a heavy setback yesterday on Wall Street for Apple. In fact, the AAPL stock sold more than 15%, stopping at the sound of the bell at the low of the day: $ 17.12.

The price represents the minimum of the last eight months since to find a lower threshold you have to go back until last October 10 when Apple ended the negotiations at $ 16.83. Needless to say, to hit the Cupertino courses in a thoughtful way the announcement of profits below expectations. Fred Anderson, head of financial operations, we remind him, has made it known that Apple in this quarter that is about to end will not reach the threshold of 11 cents per share budgeted a few weeks ago, but will stand between 8 and 10 cents per share.

Yesterday, however, was not only heavy for Apple. Several Nasdaq companies have lost ground significantly. These include ATI, Nvidia and AMD, the latter also a victim of a 'profit warning'.

Last month's AAPL stock had peaked since May 2001, at around $ 26, driven by the good sales results of the new iMacs. Since then until yesterday the drop in the shares of the Apple company has been over 30%.

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