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AAPL still down

AAPL still down logomacitynet1200wide 1

The descent of the Apple stock continues. Yesterday's Cupertino shares fell by almost 5%. They are now just below $ 49, the lowest since August 16 when they stood at $ 48.50. The minimum of the last nine months that occurred on May 31 when the AAPL shares were set at $ 42 was not far away. During this period, Apple's value has been so low a few more times. The combined wave of the news about the possible reduction in profits caused by Apple's need to liquidate the stocks of old machines at a discounted price, and the general bad mood by investors on the technological stocks that triggered the wave of sales they could be hit by a turnover and earnings crisis due to the superdollar. Many analysts in recent days had already openly dissented from those who suddenly started selling Apple shares. According to the experts of the title, in fact, Apple will still be able to achieve the objectives set in terms of profits for the satisfaction found by the new machines. In addition to this, the fact of producing "niche" machines with a focus on multimedia could easily preserve Apple from the crisis that is affecting the rest of IT. These views are not meant to mitigate the sales that continued yesterday. In a fortnight, AAPL has lost nearly $ 14; last September 7 Apple's shares were in fact worth $ 62. Most likely, for a recovery, it will be necessary to wait for some news to emerge about the profits of the fiscal quarter, the formalization of which should arrive on 18 October.

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