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AAPL, down during night trading

AAPL, already during night trading –

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The market doesn't seem to have taken Apple's financial quarter announcements very well.

The AAPL title in the after hours was in fact subject to a series of sales that led Cupertino courses to lose consistently. At some point during the night, the low was $ 13.68, well below the official closing threshold, $ 14.56.

Subsequently, Apple recovered a little, regaining $ 14 but at the time of writing, it continues to lose over 3%.

During the day yesterday at the Nasdaq AAPL it had already fallen almost 4 percentage points (-3.96%) on the basis of a series of achievements in the technological field starting from the bad news that come from the computer chip sector. Both AMD and Intel have announced below-expected profits but above all have predicted that the recovery will not occur in the current quarter.

Now, as regards Apple which has posted the first net negative balance for two years now, there is expectation to see what the reactions will be when the official negotiations open. The prospect that a series of sales orders may spill over onto the stock are rather concrete, still influenced by a sentiment that for the sector does not seem to be decidedly different from what marked the difficult day yesterday.

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