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AAPL at the lows of the past 4 years

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All-time low for Apple, which dropped yesterday on Wall Street to $ 13.77 per share.

This is the lowest level ever reached by Cupertino since June 8, 1998, four years and four months ago.

Then AAPL, which was only at that moment coming out of a tiring crisis that had brought it to the brink of closure, benefited from the sales of the iMac CRT and was set at $ 27.25, more or less $ 13.62 today due to the effect the split that occurred in 2000 which halved the value of the shares by delivering two shares for each held.

From that day, AAPL had begun a rapid rise that in the golden age of the net economy had projected Apple's stock to above 100 dollars (as if to say fifty today, again due to the stock split).

The crisis came in September 2000 with an unexpected announcement of profits below expectations. Cupertino's shares lost 50% of their value in a single day, then thirsting around $ 14-15. Subsequently, the launch of the new iBook in May 2001 raised the price to around $ 26. The current crisis, on the other hand, has reported, and for a long time, AAPL to sail around 15/16 dollars. Yesterday the breakdown of the support of the 14 dollars.

The all-time low occurs near the announcement of the quarterly results, scheduled for next Wednesday. According to Apple itself, the figure should be substantially negative even if the possibility that there is a balance sheet red is excluded.