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AAPL, at the lows of the past 19 months

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AAPL, at the lowest of the last 19 months – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The stock market crisis is also hitting Apple hard.

During the day yesterday, another of the many difficult ones on Wall Street, AAPL has in fact lost further ground stopping at $ 14.47. The drop was minimal but sufficient to make Cupertino fix its values ​​to the mime since December 21, 2000, 19 months ago. Then Apple was close to a shocking announcement of profits below expectations and was preparing to provide the worst result quarterly of the last few years, so much so that only a few weeks before the prices had lost almost 50% in a single day.

The conditions today are not the same even if Apple has just started a quarter that could end for the first time with a negative balance for 18 months now, but the market does not believe that IT can recover any time soon and prefers to hijack capital elsewhere (although it still has to decide where) Apple suffers more than others from the current difficult stock market situation and over the past few weeks, to be precise on May 23 when AAPL was set above the $ 25 threshold, it has lost almost 40% of its value.

Recall that the peak reached by Apple over the past 18 months was set on April 27, 2001 at $ 26.20

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