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A universal translator to communicate in any situation

A universal translator to communicate in any situation

an app designed by Mitsubishi Electric and provides an interaction between drawings, written and spoken translated in real time to make everyone able to exchange information

OFUNA, JAPAN Imagine you are in Japan, not to know the language and need to ask where the restaurant you are looking for. Or put yourself in the shoes of one elderly person with hearing problems and you think you have to interact with a doctor who must explain a therapy to you. These are fairly common situations, in which the app created by the industrial design center of Mitsubishi Electric could do for you. This sort of universal translator for now known by the technical name of User Interface for Voice-activated Drawing (Interface for drawing with voice) and promises to solve different communication problems between people who speak different languages ​​or simply have some form of hearing impairment.

The setting of the app, developed within Design X, the umbrella of Mitsubishi researchers' personal projects, predicts different functions that facilitate and make theinteraction. Everything is based on the simple combination of spoken is touch on the screen of a tablet on which the app. Just touch the microphone button, speak and then draw a line on the screen to see words appear along the strip that you draw. If you set the translator functionfurthermore, under the writing the phrase will appear in the preferred language, while a voice repeats it verbally.

You don't necessarily need to talk, because the app can transform one any writing in one of the ten languages ​​so far considered in a sequence of sounds. Just write and the app will speak (and in case it will translate) for you.

Thanks to this kind of digital whiteboard it will be possible to interact with words, sounds is drawings, so as to make communication more fluid. If on the one hand people with deafness can have one global vision of interaction, without having to follow the lips of the interlocutor who does not know the sign language, on the other hand the meeting becomes more effective thanks to the use of drawings, arrows is images.

One of the most interesting uses, in fact, concerns the possibility of upload photos on the blackboard background, a very useful function when, for example, a doctor must explain to an elder the fracture of a bone and its prognosis. Or a tourist must be driven to the restaurant who is looking for.

Another feature involves the splitting the screen in two fields, one for each interlocutor, which allow the exchange of information and drawings simultaneously on the same image, using different languages. A rebound that can be useful, for example, when you need to compile a information form in another language.

In essence, this app integrates several functions already present in several other applications for smartphones and tablets and promises to help anyone who needs a support to communicate. It will be officially presented at the Cebit in Hanover in March and Mitsubishi Electric plans to make it available not only on the most common stores for Android and iOS, but also to offer it directly to businesses. We therefore look forward to our universal translator.


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