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A new Matrox is also coming for Mac

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According to TechNation, the new card will achieve double the performance of the USA class cards with the G1000 chip at 375 Mhz and 105 Million transistors, support for AGP 8X and 2 MB on chip for the unified cache that manages textures, pixels and The memory will go from 64 to 256 Mb (DDR) and will be equipped with a 400 Mhz Quad UltraSharp II RAMDAC.

It will be able to manage 4 anaological or TFT monitors, will support color depths of 64, 96 and 1128 bits, 150 million triangles per second, 3Gpixel / second visible and 12 Gpixel / sec with 24 simultaneous textures and shader operations at 48 pixels. It will support anti aliased line, window clipping, will have a very high quality playback for DVD with ICDT, motion compensation.

But what matters most is that it will directly support Mac OS X and Motorola G4 processors: the availability of the card on the market is for June 2002 in the simplest versions: Millenium G1000 and Millenium G1000 +, let's say consumer while the versions with Workstation capacity, quadruple output for the displays (G1000 Pro and G1100 Pro) will be available in winter.We currently don't know when and which models will be compatible with our platform.

What is curious is that the presentation date of the card coincides with the series of announcements that Apple is preparing to hold for its new products: the server rack and perhaps the new iBook: March 14th. That Matrox's card is also part of the show?

(Thanks to G.D’Agata for the report)