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A device from Bosch to help monitor air quality

Bosch Climo

Thanks to smart city technology, cities can now intervene on air pollution. A first step towards improving air quality is the provision and management of data. At CES 2018 Bosch presented its Clima microclimate monitoring system a new solution that helps cities manage air quality parameters in real time and at a much lower cost than existing technologies.

The Climo system, developed by Bosch in collaboration with Intel, according to the manufacturer, allows a rapid and accurate measurement of the air quality parameters. It combines sensors and software to provide a wide range of air quality data, referring to essential pollutants such as: particulates, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and ozone. The system also provides data from environmental parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, light, sound, pressure and even pollen.

Air quality is a primary objective for urban environmental planning. The data provided by this system can be used by cities in a wide range of proactive approaches such as traffic management. It also serves to provide advice and information to the local population. For example, citizens with asthma or allergies can know immediately if it is preferable not to go out or avoid certain areas of the city. The system is also a source of data useful for making other decisions, such as future policy and planning. In rural areas or parks, the system can also provide a timely warning in case of fire.

Bosch Climate

The collection of data on the microclimate made possible thanks to the connectivity of the compact wireless sensors. Remote calibration and monitoring can be done either wirelessly (Wi-Fi and 3G) or through a wired connection. The Climo system powered by Intel IoT technologies and features cloud-based analysis, data management and visualization software.

Units are preconfigured by location and can be further configured using over-the-air updates. The simplicity of updating is part of the Climo design and keeping up with future technologies, such as 5G, as they become available.

Bosch Climate

While air quality monitoring systems can often require large investments in infrastructure and are difficult to use, according to the manufacturer, the Climo system has been designed for simple implementation and management. It has 1/100 of the size and 1/10 of the cost of a traditional air quality monitoring system. Climate was also designed to support a wide range of climatic conditions. The units can be powered by 110 / 220V or 12V DC. This makes them an interesting solution for cities and countries around the world in different climatic areas and with different economic situations. Originally, the solution was developed by Bosch engineers in India.

Climo was awarded an CES 2018 Innovation Award in the smart city category. During CES 2018, Climo monitored the air quality in the city of Las Vegas.