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A Christmas for all iPod touch

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When the time comes for their first "serious" cell phone, they may want the iPhone. Meanwhile, they madly love the iPod touch, the "perfect" machine as far as they are concerned, and which allows them to do a little bit of everything. And to download tons of software, between the free one and the one they can pay thanks to gift cards and rechargeable credit cards (and recharged by parents).

Welcome to the Christmas of the kids. The one in which the good old iPhone is not the lion, but the much denigrated iPod touch, in reality a real multimedia machine, destined in the future to become the connecting link between iPhone and iSlate or whatever the hell it will be called.

According to the first research that is provided very little since the end of the Christmas holidays, with the silver paper of the parcels still sizzling under the decorations of the Christmas tree, it turns out that the young are many, many and very, very young. The connections to download the applications, suggest some companies that try to monitor how their software is downloaded from Cupertino devices, are mostly Wi-Fi and above all use iPod touch. The profile of many users is that of young people (as can be seen from the filters set on the appliances).

In short, a Christmas that brings a ton of young friends to the world of Apple and its multimedia devices. Kids who buy and download software thanks to the lower intensity of formal loyalty constraints, expressly requested through telephone operators with plans for a year and a half or two years, which are instead completely absent in the iPod touch. This also opens up interesting glimpses on what life will be like with a hypothetical device made as a "magic tablet" that allows you to do similar things and a little bigger than the touch.

However, the iPod criticized for being an iPhone without a phone is proving to be a real twin brother not only in terms of features and functionality compared to the iPhone, but also in terms of success. It is bought in tons and the sales of applications through the App store on this device represent a very good slice of the total, according to analysts and observers. According to Flurry Analytics, even a sample of 3 thousand applications, four platforms (Apple, Blackberry, JavaME and Android) with 45 million users would explain in 25 million single sessions that 172% of users download from iPod touch compared to the iPhone, and that the total on Christmas day exceeded one thousand percent.

According to Flurry, there are 58 million iPod touches and iPhones worldwide today. 40% are iPods. IPods have excellent long-term strategic value, according to the analysis firm. In fact, they allow you to hold a position strictly in the teen-ager and pre-teen field, which then evolves into consumer figures already domesticated to the use of Apple technologies in the future, with ample cross-selling possibilities. According to Flurry analysts, the iPod was truly a surprise even for Apple itself.

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