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A CeBIT 2013 FRITZ-zante for AVM

A CeBIT 2013 FRITZ-zante for AVM

A 2013 CeBIT full of news for the Berlin communication specialist AVM. Spotlight on the new top of the range, the FRITZ! Box 7490, which supports the WLAN AC standard of 1300 Mbit / s, USB 3.0 and uses vectoring technology for superior performance on VDSL internet lines. The new top model of the FRITZ! Family (…)

FRITZ! Box 7490

A CeBIT 2013 full of news for the Berlin communications specialist AVM. Spotlight on the new top of the range, theFRITZ! Box 7490, which supports the 1300 Mbit / s WLAN AC standard, USB 3.0 and uses vectoring technology for superior performance on VDSL internet lines. The new top model of the FRITZ! Family combines gigabit speedsisnew generation hardware.

It uses in parallel both 2.4 GHz frequencies (3 × 3 MIMO, 450 Mbit / s) and 5 GHz (3 × 3 MIMO, at 1300 Mbit / s), and ha total compatibility with 802.11a / b / g / n standards, Besides four Gigabit LAN ports is two USB 3.0 ports.

For the telephony, the new 7490 integrates a telephone exchange, pi answering machines telephones, a DECT base station that supports up to six cordless telephones and several options for connecting analog, ISDN and / or IP telephones.

The Media Server guarantees one streamingof images, videos and music throughout the home network, whether the data is stored in the network or in the cloud and, with the latest FRITZ! OS, the FRITZ! Box 7490 is transformed into a perfect central for monitoring the Smart Home.

FRITZ! Box 6490 Cable

With the slogan Complete Home Networking other news are also making their debut.

FRITZ! Box 3272, update of 3270, offerssuperior WLAN performancewith a data transfer rate of up to 450 Mbit / s, two Gigabit ports and two Fast Ethernet. The 3272 is the ideal device where, in addition to ADSL connectivity, the integration of traditional telephone lines is not required.

FRITZ! Box 7272 and 3272.The new model 7272 integrates the support of any type of ADSL line including those dedicated to IP telephony. Presents WLAN connectivity N with speeds up to 450 Mbit / s (3 × 3 MIMO, 2.4 GHz) e four LAN ports of which two Gigabit and two Fast Ethernet. The two USB ports can be used to connect printers, internet keys (UMTS) or external disks. With the FRITZ! Media Server, multimedia files are distributed throughout the home, even on tablets and smartphones. An intuitive telephone switchboard for the connection of analog, ISDN and DECT telephones integrated and has numerous features including the answering machine, the phone book and the fax. Even the new one

Model 7369AVM the first to integrate the aggregation technology of the VDSL lines (bonding). The aggregate use of two lines allows to reach a data transfer speed via VDSL of up to 240 Mbit / sIt features four Gigabit ports, WLAN N with speeds of up to 300 Mbit / s and a new telephone exchange with integrated DECT base station.

Debut also for FRITZ! Box 6490Cable, equipped with WLAN AC and developed for high-performance cable internet connectivity. In the home network distributes data via WLAN on 5 GHz frequencies (1300 Mbit / s WLAN AC) or 2.4 GHz (WLAN N 450 Mbit / s). It is equipped with four Gigabit ports and two USB ports. In addition, smartphones and tablets that access the network (WLAN / IP) directly receive cable TV networks.


AVM also presents the new one FRITZ! OS 5.50, which will also be available for international FRITZ! Boxes. A firmware with over 100 modifications, including lintegration of functions for home automation. The FRITZ! Fon has been equipped with a media player, which will act as an all-in-one remote control for accessing multimedia files on the home network. Upgrading will also make call and contact management more efficient.

New apps also make networking applications easier. MyFRITZ! Applets you listen to voicemail messages from any location, allows remote access to personal data and to turn Smart Home devices on or off.

The new FRITZ! App WLAN, on the other hand, monitors the status of the wireless network. Finally, the FRITZ! App Cam which turns your Android smartphone or tablet into a webcam.

All news are available to live users at AVM lostand, number C48, hall 13.