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A book to write '€ œsufficient ”applications for iPhone

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Although Apple has launched an official iPhone development kit, there is probably a belief that the creation of unofficial and undead applications will not exist. To point in this direction the limitations imposed by Apple on the creation of applications and the obligation to move from the Apple Store, understandable, therefore, that someone has even thought of launching a manual to create programs for the iPhone 'jaibroken', or free by the constraints imposed by Apple.

To launch the book, entitled iPhone Open Application Developement, O'Reilly, not an obscure underground publishing house, but, as proof of the seriousness of the business, one of the main protagonists in the world in the field of technical and professional editions. The book summarizes and groups all the knowledge of the web, makes them logical and explains them clearly. The author Jonathan Zdziarski, one of the most experienced (as well as one of the very first) iPhone hackers who also provides basic concepts that are more difficult to find on the net, such as an in-depth look at the phone's operating system. The proprietary development environment, Objective-C is also explained.

The book is already on sale at a cost of $ 39.9; you can read an online preview.