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In view of the launch of Core 10th Gen Comet Lake-S processors, Intel could reserve an interesting novelty aimed especially at the mid-range and in particular towards the cheaper motherboards, to be coupled for example to a Core i5 or Core i3 10000 series.

To suggest this move by the company are some images leaked from videocardz, in detail let's talk about the photos of the first motherboard with Intel B460 chipset produced by MAXSUN, a solution that seems to support some overclocking features, currently not foreseen by cheap chipsets (see H370, B360 etc.).

The model in question, B460 iCraft Endless Gaming, is clearly a gaming-oriented product and marries a typical design for this type of card (RGB, high profile dissipation etc.); by taking a deeper look at the images – and with the help of the translation from Chinese – we notice that the card offers buttons on the back that are used to increase processor performance through the classic one-click functionality.

This obviously does not definitively confirm that Intel has this intention, however, the robust power section of this card leads us to think that this feature could be definitively introduced.

This choice, among other things, would not surprise us as Intel could align itself with the competitor AMD that, from the first Ryzen 1000 series, supported the overclocking on economic chipsets such as the B350 / A320.