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8 free tools to create shareable and viral images for Pinterest

If you want to get huge traffic from Pinterest to your website, you need to make sure that the images you share on Pinterest synchronize with the content of your website and are interesting enough to be shared.

To help you, here are the 8 best tools to create beautiful images for Pinterest,

1. PicMonkey – The photo editing made to win

PicMonkey a free photo editing tool, not necessary, just load the image you want to edit. With this tool, you can edit a photo, create a collage or create a drawing. Here are the salient features of this tool,

  • Crop the photo to the appropriate size.
  • Add text to complete the image, various fonts are available, choose the one that suits you best.
  • Add effects, retouches, themes, frames and many other options to enhance the beauty of the photo.

Here is an image that I edited using PicMonkey,

With snow effect.

The paid version of this tool starts at USD 2.75 per month. The pro version without advertising and offers more effects, textures, fonts etc.

2. Share as image: highlight and convert text to images

Shareasimage again a noteworthy tool. It can convert a website's text into a shared image. If you have a website and want this feature, all you have to do is add the code provided by shareasimage to the website and if you want this functionality for each website you visit, drag the bookmarklet into the bookmarks bar of your browser. and enjoy this feature.

This tool also allows you to upload and edit images by adding effects and text. need to register to save edited images.

Here is an image drawn by this tool,

The Pro version starts at USD 5 per month. With the paid version you can add your own watermark, multiple filters and templates and link photos to any web page.

3. Pinstamatic – Get more from Pinterest

Pinstamatic fully justifies its tagline which says, get more from Pinterest . It offers many features and this is also completely free. No registration required, let's find out in detail all the features of this tool,

  • Website snapshot, enter the URL of any blog post from your website in the box and create a pin -able snapshot of it.
  • Quotes and text, write a quote in the provided box and create the quote in a shared image, many different designs are available for the images from which you can choose the one you prefer.
  • Sticky notes, hides the text in a sticky note image.
  • Spotify Track, create an album cover image of your favorite song on Spotify.
  • Twitter profiles, add the Twitter handle in the box and create an image of the Twitter account.
  • You can also pin the date or map of a place by simply adding information in the box.
  • You can also upload any image and add text to it.

Here is an image edited with the help of Pinstamatic,

4. Keywords: instantly add beautiful text to images

The completely free keyword is to add text to images. No registration required, just add the image from your computer or from any URL and add some text. The fonts available are very beautiful, you can also skew the text. Here is an image edited with the help of Pinwords,

5. Recite this – Turn a quote into a masterpiece

ReciteThis offers many beautiful models to turn any quote into a beautiful and attractive image. All you have to do think of a quote, type it in the box provided and choose your favorite model and the game done, the game done. This tool is completely free and login is not required. And, if you can't think of any quotes, you can check out the tips provided in the upper right corner of the website.

Here is a material article by ReciteThis

6. UseChisel: Write thoughts on photos

Chisel allows you to upload an image and add text to it. It can also convert any text into an image, just add the bookmarklet in the browser's bookmarks bar to Chisel and enjoy this function on all websites. Register required.

Here is an image edited with the help of Chisel,

Here are some other tools that are not specific to Pinterest but you can use them,

7. Quotescover allows you to convert quotes to beautiful images. With the help of this tool, you can create custom images for the Facebook cover photo, the Google+ cover image, the background or for printing. The best thing about this tool that greatly simplifies the design process.

8. behappy very different from all other tools. more like ME-commerce, here you can use your own quotes or some famous quotes and turn them into beautiful designs that can be made available to sell in the form of posters, postcards or T-shirts. If something is sold, you get 30% of the sale price. Not interesting?

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If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to write in the comments below the post.