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8 best OnePlus 3 screen protectors to buy

OnePlus may have abandoned the brand's "Sandstone" finish in favor of a metal design in OnePlus 3, but it doesn't make the device a little less beautiful. Together with the beautiful design, the device has a power when it comes to the specifications, which with a brilliant 16 MP rear camera, an 8 MP front camera, the powerful Snapdragon 820 processor and 6 GB of RAM. In addition, the flagship features a beautiful 5.5-inch 1080p AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 4, which is rather robust, but we wouldn't bet our money on it without breaking with a hard fall. So, better to apply a screen protector / protector on OnePlus 3. However, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to buying a screen protector and that is why, as always, we are here to help. So without further ado, here are the 8 best OnePlus 3 screensavers to buy:

1. Tempered glass screen protector

OnePlus offers a tempered glass screen protector for OnePlus 3 on its official website. The protector adds an additional layer of oleophobic and hydrophobic coating, so you can easily remove dust, fingerprints and any liquid. It also offers exceptional protection against scratches and falls, so you can install the protection on the OnePlus 3 display and use it without worries.

Where to buy: Price: $ 12.95

2. Full Coverage IQShield Matte screen protector

We especially like the IQShield matte screen protector for OnePlus 3 because it covers much of the front, we also love the matte touch . The anti-glare screen protector, so it won't affect your experience in direct sunlight. It also features a coating to keep stains, fingerprints and dust out. In addition, precise assembly and precise cutouts are obtained and can be applied using the "wet application" method, so installation must be bubble-free and easy.

IQ Shield also offers free replacements if you are not satisfied with the product, so there is also that. The package includes screen protector, cleaning cloth and liquids and a juicer.

Where to buy: Price: $ 9.95

3. Pleson Edge to Edge screen protector

OnePlus 3 has a curve at the edges of the display, which makes the swipe gestures on the display much sharper. However, this is also the reason why most screen protectors do not completely cover the display. Well, here that shines the Pleson Edge to Edge screen protector. As you may have guessed, the Pleson screen protector also covers the curved edges of the OnePlus 3 display .

In addition to this, the PET screen protector is rather flexible and resistant and also resistant to smudges, dirt, fingerprints and oil. It also has a satin-like feel when you touch it, so the display feels even more fluid than it does. The packaging includes 3 screen protectors, alcohol pad, squeeze card, dust removal time, installation manual and lifetime replacement warranty.

Where to buy: Price: $ 7.45

4. Yootech screen protector with total protection in tempered glass

The Yootech screen protector film for OnePlus 3 offers one great robustness and complete edge-to-edge coverage . The tempered glass here has a strong hardness of 9H, which means it is extremely tough and scratch resistant. The screen protector also includes black bezels, which should go well with the deep blacks of the AMOLED screen. The package includes screen protector, alcohol preparation pad, dust removal tape and warranty card for lifetime replacement.

Where to buy: Price: $ 7.85

5. AquaShield Ultra Clear Screen Protector

You should get AquaShield screen protector for OnePlus 3 if you want screen protector so clear that you won't even notice that there . While the screen protector may be ultra clear, it still offers protection from scratches and dents. also from edge to edge, but it lacks full coverage. Other features of the screen protector include UV resistant filter for better viewing experience and matte finish. You can use the wet installation method to apply it on OnePlus 3 with ease and precision.

Where to buy: Price: $ 7.85

6. Mr Shield Anti-Spy Screen Protector

We hate it when someone spies on the smartphone display and if you hate it too, you should take a look at Mr Shield's anti-spy shield protection for OnePlus 3. The screen protector has been designed with a filter that ensures that anyone with a 30 degree angle will not be able to view the content of the OnePlus 3 display . Mr Shield recommends maximum brightness for best results.

Together with privacy, the screen protector offers 4H of scratch and scratch resistance. Two anti-spy protections are obtained together with instructions, cleaning cloth, dust collector, scratch paper and removal of the tapes in the package.

Where to buy: Price: $ 7.95

7. Skinomi matte anti-glare screen protector

The Skinomi Screen Protector for OnePlus 3 features an anti-glare material to improve visibility. It also presents healing ability, thanks to its elastic polymeric material, which makes it resistant to scratches, stains, UV rays and fingerprints. Plus, the matte screen protector features a smooth, satin texture for a better tactile experience.

A liquid solution is obtained with the screen protector, so you can use the wet application method to install it without bubbles. Also, if in doubt, Skinomi is safe enough to offer a lifetime warranty on the product.

Where to buy: Price: $ 9.95

8. Screen protector in monochromatic tempered glass

Although Monoy screen protector may not offer full coverage for the OnePlus 3 display, it can offer hardcore protection . The screen protector in tempered glass has a thickness of only 0, 3 mm and has a hardness of 9H with rounded edges 2.5D for greater smoothness. In addition, the glass described here as anti-explosion, which should be quite indicative of its robustness.

Where to buy: Price: $ 7.80

Get OnePlus 3 screen protector to protect its beautiful display

We love the OnePlus 3 AMOLED Optic screen with its curved edges and we are sure you love it too. So, you should go ahead and buy one of these screen protectors to be on the safer side, because smartphone screens can be difficult to keep in your wallet these days. Well, that's all on our side, but we'd love to hear from you. If you are thinking of purchasing a OnePlus 3 screen protector or if you have already purchased one, please let us know in the comments section below.