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8 apps to get rid of stress

8 apps to get rid of stress

Lockdown and fear of contagion invade our thoughts? An app can help us get into Phase 2

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Second Daniel Goleman, psychologist and author of the best seller Emotional intelligenceNot a danger, but rather the threat of a danger to trigger the stress response more often. In short, we are the stress or, better, the stress dwells within us. This means above all one thing: that also the solution partly within us. If the stress is great, a psychologist will necessarily get it out. But in the case of daily stress, of lesser extent, just resort to good health practices such as meditation. And here that smartphone can help us. The management of our daily chiaroscuro has in fact pushed several developers to collaborate with scientists to achieve anti-stress app. We have chosen 8, which are also useful to overcome the coronavirus anxiety that afflicts us for at least 100 days.

Mindicine (free for iPhone and Android)Music for our ears? Mostly music for our waves. There are five main types of brain waves: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Theta, we read on the Mindicine website, an app that aims to help us with the notes. According to the developers, by stimulating our brain at these different frequencies, we can overcome stress, anxiety and lack of creativity: think of it as a massage for your brain.

Happify (freemium for iPhone and Android)The creators of Happify say they are confident that the game can play its part in reducing stress by teaching us healthy habits. When accessing the app, we are asked a series of questions that are used to determine what we need, such as overcoming negative thoughts or facing stress. Based on the answers, the app assigns us quizzes and a final goal, which we will have to pursue day after day through a series of easy daily actions.

The Mindfulness App (freemium for iPhone and Android)one of the most effective apps to discover mindfulness: after having achieved success in Northern Europe, it arrived in Italy under the supervision of the Mindfulness Center. It offers different types of meditation suitable for different times of the day and the time we have available. It takes 5 minutes and requires no effort: just follow the easy directions of the guide voice (in Italian).

Headspace (freemium for iPhone and Android)Let's face it: starting to meditate is not easy. We know it's good but we are always short of time or we don't know where to start. Having said that, Headspace offers the solution: the app includes small daily mindfulness sessions, to bring us back down to earth, as well as mini meditation exercises for a quick mental recovery. The free basic course also includes a guide to help us be aware of everything from mindful eating to social interactions. Besides, isn't it true that big changes start from awareness?

Calm (freemium for iPhone and Android)Calm considered one of the best apps in its category: it offers flashes of relaxation for every possible scenario. There are meditations for walking, for acute anxiety, to help us sleep and to concentrate. Everything passes through a relaxing voice (in English) but also many sounds useful for the purpose, including a song by Sam Smith designed to reconcile sleep. Last but not least, there are also some good night tales starred by actors known as Mattew McConaughey.

Brain.FM (freemium for iPhone and Android)An app developed with the collaboration of neuroscientists. Purpose? Make your way through our synapses to the rhythm of music. There is something for all tastes and needs: music to concentrate, to meditate, to sleep or simply to relax. To generate the right one for our mood provides an algorithm that promises to lead us to the state of grace in just 15 minutes. Seeing is believing.

Worry Watch (3 euros for iPhone)To use Worry Watch, just follow five simple steps: register, reflect, reason, realize and refute. The app helps us keep track of our mental state over time by asking us first to note the cause of the stress, and then to reflect on the concern and notice if something changes. Based on the answers, it generates graphs and statistics which should then help us analyze our thinking patterns, which according to many psychologists are the real cause of our daily stress.

Breaks (2.30 euros for iPhone and Android)At least original, but interesting idea: to free our mind from the stress discharges we have to keep our finger on the smartphone screen, following a spot of color and moving it slowly. As it moves, it widens to fill the screen: the hypnotic effect and, of course, relaxing. It does not free us from stress definitively but a little help gives it to us.


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