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7 best GBA emulators for PC

7 best GBA emulators for PC

If you've been looking for some decent GBA emulators for your PC to try some old school GBA games, then you're in luck because we bring you a long list of GBA emulators that work perfectly on your PC. If you've already fallen in love with our full list of the best GBA games, you definitely need one of the following GBA emulators to enjoy most of these games directly on your PC.

Below are the 7 best GBA emulators available for PC right now.

Visual Boy Advance (VBA-M)

Visual Boy Advance, commonly known as VBA, has become one of the first and fully functional advanced Game Boy emulators on the market and has always been available for free as a download. It had a long string of successes, but in 2004 the developer behind this iconic emulator gave up on what led to many other versions of the VBA emulator developed by several developers. VBA-M the new version that has continued the legacy of VBA and has also brought some fantastic new features to this emulator to make it even more surprising for gamers.

VBA-M compatible with all GB (GameBoy), GBC (GameBoy Color) and GBA (GameBoy Advance) ROMs. It supports full state save functionality and you can even speed up the game with the push of a single button. You can export all your saved files and play them in other emulators too. Joystick support allows you to enjoy all the fantastic games with a joystick. The full screen mode allows you to extend all your games to a full screen mode, but will make the graphics pixelated due to the small screen size of the GBA and other Gameboy games.

No $ GBA

No $ GBA, also known as the No Cash Cash emulator, another first-rate emulator for GBA systems. The best thing about No $ GBA is that it also includes connectivity with other No $ GBA emulators so you can enjoy multiplayer games. This is achieved by imitating the connectivity of the GBA link so that you can connect with other players via the Internet or local network and enjoy your games together. You can use this connectivity to trade Pokemon and fight other trainers in all Pokemon games for GBA, but you can also use connectivity for other games.

The best thing about No $ GBA, aside from the incredible GBA emulation and online connectivity, the feature that doubles as a Nintendo DS emulator. Nintendo DS emulators are very rare software nowadays and one that is available for free seems almost too good to be true. You can play almost all commercial Nintendo DS games with the No $ GBA emulator on your PC, so this kills two birds with one stone. If you are looking for a multi-functional emulator, then $ GBA is the perfect emulator for you with its dual emulation features.


BoycottAdvance one of the easiest to use and simplest GBA emulators available on the market. It has been hailed as one of the best GBA emulators along with VisualBoy Advance in several lists published all over the world wide web. Boycott Advance is very simple and requires BIOS support to play all commercial and personal GBA ROMs on your PC. If you simply want to play your favorite GBA titles directly on your PC without having to buy a GBA system, this is certainly one of the best GBA emulators you can use.

BoycottAdvance supports full sound emulation to give you an amazing experience while playing your favorite GBA titles. Save / Load Status Support allows you to save and load your games in any state where you prefer, so you never miss your progress in any game. It also supports Joystick so you can play your favorite games with a joypad or joystick connected to the PC. Boycott Advance Online a java applet that works online in your browser so you can play your GBA titles without having to download this emulator.


BatGBA a lightweight GBA emulator that simply does what it should do without too much trouble. You can play all commercial and non-commercial GBA roms with this fantastic emulator on your PC. BatGBA has been out for a long time now, over a decade, but still behaves as it should. All the emulated games work perfectly smoothly or drop frames, so you can enjoy these games on your PC without any problems. You will need an original BIOS file to perfectly play most games in this emulator. The BIOS files are available on the Internet and you can easily recover them from anywhere with a simple Google search.


The name might seem a little strange at first, but believe us, this is one of the most amazing emulators available for GBA and many other Nintendo systems. Higan not only your average GBA emulator for PC, but in addition to this, you can play NES, SNES and GBC games on this single emulator too. Multiple Nintendo systems are supported in Higan, so you can play all games from all these consoles directly on the PC with the Higan emulator for free. Higan supports Famicom / NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Super Famicom / SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System), GB (GameBoy), GBC (GameBoy Color) and GBA (GameBoy Advance) which make it one of the most incredible emulators out there supporting everyone. these different systems with one software.


DreamGBA another lightweight GBA emulator that plays all your favorite GBA titles without too much trouble, but compared to other emulators available for GBA, DreamGBA doesn't stand out as something distinct at all. a simple emulator that does the job but doesn't provide any extra functionality. So if you are looking for a lightweight GBA emulator on your PC, this is certainly a good choice, but you will be better off using one of the GBA emulators mentioned above if you are looking for something more from your GBA emulators.

RascalBoy Advance

RascalBoy Advance was another simple GBA emulator with simple functionality, but the latest multiplayer plug-in made it much better than many other GBA emulators. Now you can connect up to 4 different RascalBoy Emulators online for a fantastic multiplayer experience in many different GBA games. This online connectivity makes it one of the best GBA emulators, combined with the fact that it reproduces almost all commercial GBA titles without any problem. If you want to play with your friends online with a GBA emulator on your PC, RascalBoy Advance is definitely one of the best choices for you.

If you felt like playing some of the classic Nintendo GBA games on your PC, these emulators mentioned above will help you do exactly that on your computer. These are some of the best GBA emulators ever created for PC. If you have other suggestions that you think deserve to be on the list, feel free to mention them in the comments below and we will try to try them out and maybe include them in the list.