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7 Android games you should download on your new smarpthone

We are in the center of Christmas time, and as such, many users of the acclaimed green robot, either because they have retired the old smartphone or because they have decided to perform an upgrade of the range, will probably have received or have beautifully (why not?) give themselves a new device. Among this group of users, assiduous people will probably be present smartphone gamer, to which we dedicate this list of 7 games for Android to download to a new smartphone.

games for android

New smartphone? Here are 7 recommended Android games for you!

Guns of Boom

Gods of Boom - Online PvP Action

If you appreciate genereshooter,Guns of Boom it can be for you. The game was launched this year and looks like a first person shooter, cute and pleasant to play, with cardboard-style graphics.

Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: KOTOR

One of the Android games that every hardcore fan of the famous and wonderful saga created by George Lucas cannot be missed, Knights of the Old Republic.This fantastic RPGdespite the time behind it, still the best role-playing game for mobile currently available on the Play Store.


Gear.Club - True Racing

If you are a racing fan and appreciate cars in every detail, bumper or gas exhaust,Gear.Club it can be for you. Have fun browsing door to door, improving the performance of your car by tuning. Equipped with excellent graphics and published by the famousEden Games, already known for the equally famous PC titles in the seriesTest Drive.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Monument Valley an excellent title, which turned out to be one of the best Android games of the puzzle genre. Equipped with pure indie-style graphics, it will put you in front of maps to rotate based on works of Echster, to be solved in order to find the exit and finish the level.


lichess Free Online Chess

Worshipers of strategy and the famous game of the chess? The famous platform appLichess offers you different types of online match against other players or the CPU, test your intellect, climb the rankings and participate in tournaments!

Total War Battles: Kingdom

Total War Battles: KINGDOM - Strategy RPG

Continuing with the strategy theme and linking to the famous PC titles of the seriesTotal War,Total War Battles: Kingdomcan leave you pleasantly surprised. It is an excellent strategic, which retraces the medieval battles, also proposing some quest to accomplish.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

Released successfully and waited by many users,Super Mario Run an excellent and spot on platform run, released by Nintendo. Simple and pleasant to play, you will find yourself going through the classic levels where the plumber is the protagonist among pipes, mushrooms and turtles to be crushed.

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