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5thAvenue: the Mac way to manage fashion stores.

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5thAvenue: the Mac way to manage fashion stores. logomacitynet1200wide 1

5thAvenue is the program developed and tested by Eniware during the year 2000 in direct collaboration with the clothing and footwear merchants / distributors who provided their professional contribution.

Here are the features that Eniware considers rewarding and that make the software comfortable and easy to use. – Maximum simplicity: the software does not have a Menu, only buttons to select. – Care in the interface: pleasant and intuitive. have to do with SIZES and COLORS – Flexibility: from the small shop to the company that needs more workstations and needs to update the data with a decentralized administrative office.

Some of the features: – Prices in LIRE and EURO– In a single screen all the information about the item including SIZES and COLORS – BAR CODE management with automatic reading and creation of LABELS – Suppliers: DDT management, accounting cards and SCHEDULE – Customers: DDT, accounting and schedule management – Invoices: management of invoices, credit notes and collections – Management of sales, advances, goods transfers, goods returns – Statistics: 2D and 3D graphics generation

For more information and to receive a demo, we recommend visiting the 5thAvenue website

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