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50 euro discount for .Mac users

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Fifty euros discount. This is the value of an electronic "voucher" that several Mac users are receiving these days from the Apple Store.

The message, entirely written in English, offers the fifty euros to all those who were among the first subscribers to the .Mac services.

To take advantage of the 50 euro discount (VAT and shipping costs excluded) you need to make a purchase of at least 499 euro at the Apple Store by entering, as explained in the FAQ, the discount code that is included in the email by 30 October 2002 although the best thing is probably to contact the Apple Store directly at 800-640846 quoting the web page ( explains the terms of the promotion. As confirmation, as verified by Macity, you will get immediate recognition of the discount without incurring misunderstandings and misunderstandings.

Having said this, it is also worth noting that the initiative comes following a story, that of subscriptions to .Mac services, which for countries outside the United States that is not yet completely clear.

During the month of August Macity had collected statements according to which .Mac was born essentially as aimed at the US and Japanese markets, hence the choice not to "locate" the pages illustrating the services and the payment in dollars. Hence also the non-issuance of an invoice, in some cases useful, in other cases indispensable, to really conquer the Italian market and of the old continent in general.

The offer of discount coupons to European users suggests perhaps the beginning of a change in this policy with a more explicit and transparent opening to the European market.

Too bad that in addition to the email written entirely in English (which does not facilitate the recovery of 50 euros for those who do not know this language) .Mac continues to be fully "explained" in English and that the non-translation of the services greatly limits its accessibility. for those unfamiliar with the British / American language.