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5 ways to clean up the Facebook news feed

clean up the Facebook news feed

Here are the tools that allow you to clean up the Facebook news feed and eliminate the things you don't like to just see what you really want to read

Cleaning up the news feed Facebook allows you to view the most interesting news, without the things you don't want. Does your Facebook news feed become a mix of uninteresting or annoying posts that typically skips to get to the updates that really interest you?

It doesn't necessarily have to be this way, because Facebook offers tools that allow you to clean up the news feed and eliminate things you don't like, so you can get to the things you want to read faster.

Tips for cleaning up the Facebook news feed

These tips are based on the Facebook mobile app.

1. Press the pause button

Maybe a friend of yours is posting too much about a new job, a new relationship or a new diet? If you want to temporarily hide someone's posts, Facebook now allows you to hide their posts for 30 days with the new feature that allows you to pause the contents of specific users: just touch the three-dot button next to the person's post, brand, group or news provider you want to ban from your news feed for 30 days and touch the pause option for 30 days. A good way to start cleaning up the Facebook news feed.

2. Hide post

If you want someone's posts to remain in your news feed but less frequently, you can tell Facebook to show you less posts than that person. Touch the three-point button next to one of their (many) posts and press Hide post. That post will be hidden and you'll see fewer posts than that person. The tuonews feed Facebook will start to get better,

3. Stop following someone

The option of not following Facebook anymore allows you to remain someone's friend but stop seeing its posts in your news feed: just touch the three-point button next to the post of the person you don't want to hear anymore and touch the Unfollow option. You will no longer see that person's posts and he or she will not know that you are no longer following her not following Facebook anymore. A nice way to clean up the Facebook news feed.

4. Block and remove someone from friends

The most drastic option is to remove from friends. If you are ready to leave a Facebook friend, go to the profile page, tap the small button with the dots or the down arrow and choose lock. The blocking of someone makes its contents no longer available and he will no longer be able to see your posts or tag you. Blocked users will not be informed that you have removed them from your friends list, but they will still be able to see that your name is no longer on their friend list. The most drastic way to permanently clean up the Facebook news feed.

5. Report a post

If you come across a post that you believe is offensive, you can report it to Facebook. Tap the three-point button next to it and tap provide feedback on this post. Facebook will provide you with some options to describe how the offensive post: violence, harassment, suicide or self-harm, incitement to hatred and others. Facebook will examine the post and remove it if it does not follow the standards of the Facebook community. Your name and information will be kept confidential. This way you will not only be able to clean up your Facebook news feed, but also help out the entire FB community.

clean up the Facebook news feed

5 ways to clean up the Facebook news feed