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5 tips to look your best during …

5 tips to look your best during ...

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Light? S. Clothes? It can be. Posa? Not at all. Here are the tips of the experts to look your best during a video conference, without risking overdoing it.

Tips for looking good during video conferencing

In the midst of the Coronavirus epidemic, we all had to get by with the apps and video conferencing platforms to keep work going as usual. Here are the expert tips for look your best in the room, without exaggerating.

Smart Working, practical tips for those who have to work from home

Smart Working, practical tips for those who have to work from home

With Coronavirus going mad, I recommend working on what whenever possible. So, here is some modest advice from those who, smart working, have been doing it for a lifetime.

  • Light: Regardless of the service used, you must absolutely shoot the light in your face Barbara d'Urso effect. In other words, the lamp or the window must be in front of you (so it also creates the shimmering effect in the eyes), and not behind it. If the sunlight is too direct, use a curtain or a white cloth to make it more soft. If, however, out of the night, take a lamp behind the iPhone, iPad or Mac that you use for video conferencing.
  • Angle: The camera must always be at eye level, or the participants in the call will find themselves staring at your nose. Also try to set an appropriate head tilt that maintains the proportions of the face. Otherwise, the prospect highlights the chin as the eyes and forehead lengthen. If necessary, create a stand on the fly with a pile of books, and – for heaven's sake – don't hold your computer or iPhone in your hand.
  • Background: Many tend to ignore this but fundamental part. Always choose a minimalist, aseptic and / or professional background. A white part with a picture, a perfect bookcase, but avoid the room with the bed still unmade or the corridor where the sweet half passes in underwear.
  • Clothing: Don't dress like a grand gal. The contrast between the walls of the house and the extreme elegance can make you appear more desperate than professional; but no pajamas n suits. The ideal something practical, but still pleasant.
  • Makeup & Hair: Nothing exaggerated. A veil of makeup for her, a groomed beard for him will be more than enough. As if you were going out for a shopping trip, so to speak. Andr more than good.

Coronavirus: Here's how to properly disinfect iPhone

Coronavirus: Here's how to properly disinfect iPhone

On the verge of the Coronavirus pandemic, it would be a good idea to disinfect the iPhone every day. Here's how to do it right, and with what products.