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5 species of Twitter users based on their behavior

When I started using Twitter a year ago, my first reaction was "Where's the chat?" And after discovering that we can't chat on Twitter like we do on Facebook, my second reaction never came, I just signed.

I hated it when I used it for the first time, but after a while when I started using it regularly and started interacting with people, I started having fun and the moment came when my first browser tab was dedicated to Twitter.

Now I'm over the addiction, I use Twitter but not so aggressively.

Twitter used by millions of people around the world, but all Twitter users are at the mercy of 5 species.

I categorized Twitter users based on their behavior on the website, these categories are also supported by a recent study that ranks tweets based on their content.

Here are 5 species of Twitter users,

1. Useless species

This is the fastest growing species in Twitterverse, almost all users at some point or other useless tweets on something that is normal on Twitter, but this species only does it, they tweet about almost everything that their followers don't care about.

2. Conversational species

I have seen some people that I follow the tweets a lot but their tweets don't arrive on my chronology, when I have visited their profile I have discovered that they have let themselves go to an endless conversation and I should not disturb them.

If a conversation turns out to be long, because this species does not switch to chat and chooses a faster way to communicate.

3. Blogging species

They don't care what's going on, what are the Twitter trends of today, what tweeting people are, everything that interests their tweets loaded with links to their blog posts.

They hate conversations but love RTs, they follow people with a strong hope of getting a follow up. They are not bad, they are just that.