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5 best screenshot apps for Android

5 best screenshot apps for Android

We know that making a screenshot on an Android smartphone is pretty easy these days. Android natively supports screen shots and most smartphones support the two-button combination (lock / power button + volume down / home) for screenshots. Some smartphones even come with gestures to capture screenshots. But how about sharing a screenshot while you're on the move or what to do if you need to quickly share something on a screenshot. If you are an avid screenshot sharer, you definitely need an advanced screenshot app.

Why do we need a third-party screenshot app?

The combination of two buttons for simple screenshots, but if our smartphone had a fragile lock or volume button, we wouldn't want the buttons to break, would we? Along with this, we sometimes need editing tools for scribbles, arrows, boxes, etc. To indicate something in the screenshots before you can publish them on social networks. On the Google Play Store there are numerous screenshot apps that not only allow you to take screenshots easily, but also offer some interesting additional features.

We have tried many apps on the Play Store and here are the best screenshot apps for Android (in no particular order):


Most screenshot apps on Android have various triggers to take screenshots. Not all triggers will work on all smartphones due to access or hardware limitations.

The best screenshots app for Android

Easy Screenshot

Screenshot Easy a very popular Android app for taking screenshots with ease. The app has a very simple user interface, which works well with Android's Material Design user interface guidelines. There are various triggers in the app, which allow you to take a screenshot. You can choose to take a screenshot via an overlay button, which continues to float or use a button in the notification center or shaking the device. The app also allows you to set the hardware camera button to take screenshots and, if so, if the smartphone has a hardware camera button. If the app is running in the background and you take a screenshot in the conventional way, it will detect it and open the screenshot in the app for editing needs.

When it comes to editing features, it allows you to crop screenshots, compress or print them. You can also change existing colors in a screenshot into the one you like. There are options to show date and time on screenshots and save images in PNG or JPG format. Other features of the app include themes, support for local setup plug-ins and tasker. In addition, the app is available for free on the Play Store.

Install: (Free)

Compatibility: Android 4.0 and later versions.

Screenshot Ultimate

Screenshot Ultimate is not the best Android app around, but if you want lots of features in a screenshot app, Screenshot Ultimate won't let you down. It has the most triggers to take a screenshot and you may find that some of them are really twisted. You can take screenshots using an overlay button, a button on the notification bar, shaking the device, connecting / disconnecting the power supply and more. There are advanced triggers like the audio trigger (blowing into your device's microphone to take screenshots), interval (setting the time period to automatically take screenshots), cronjob (setting when taking a screenshot in a specific app), proximity (putting the finger on the proximity sensor take screenshots), intent (tasker and local support) and more.

Along with the various triggers, the app allows you to make changes to screenshots, change formats and more. There are also editing features like drawing, cropping, adding text, rotating, mirroring, effects and more. It also allows you to share images directly on Imgur. The good news Ultimate Screenshot available for free on Play Store.

Install: (Free)

Compatibility: Android 2.1 and later.

Screenshot Snap

Although the Snapshot app does not offer any intuitive way to take a screenshot, it does adapt to its various editing features. The app detects a screenshot and uploads it to the app. then you can edit the moving screenshot and share it quickly. You can draw on an image with the pencil or brush tool and you can also insert arrows, boxes, text and more.

The app offers you the possibility to save images in PNG or JPG, increase or decrease the quality of the image. Screenshot Snap available in a free version, but limited when it comes to functionality and the ads can be a bit annoying. The paid version of the app offers some fantastic stamps, tool blurring, cloud uploading and ad removal.

Install: (free, paid $ 0.99)

Compatibility: Android 4.0 and later versions.

Perfect Screen Shot

Perfect Screen Shot another fantastic screenshot app, which stands out for its unique features. The app works smoothly and incorporates the Material Design user interface of Android, if a bargain for you. While the app does not take screenshots for you, it detects when one is taken and opens the app with the screenshot right in front. It allows you to frame the screenshots inside the frame of a device and you can change the colors, the background and more. There are various options for editing frames and you can add glows, shadows and blurs to images. You can get frames of various devices ranging from Nexus devices like Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X to Galaxy S6 Edge, One M9, Moto G and more.

The free "Classic" version of the app is rather limited in terms of number of frames and editing functions. The paid "Ultra" version offers 3D frames, various editing options like background color, custom background images, optional blur and more. You can also choose to edit your screenshots without a frame, if the frames are not really your thing. The app also allows you to import screenshots from any cloud storage service you use like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. To summarize, Perfect Screen Shot is a more interesting way to share screenshots and those screenshots certainly look better inside of a frame device.

Install: (Classic free, Ultra paid $ 1, 99)

Compatibility: Android 4.0.3 and later versions.

Screenshot capture

Capture Screenshot very similar to Screenshot Easy but Capture Screenshot an amazing stand-alone screen app. The fast and beautifully designed app, so full of brands for developers on that front. It offers you various triggers like the overlay button, the notification button and the flicker for the acquisition. After clicking the "Start service" button, the app is launched in the background and detects the screenshots that occur.

Once a screenshot is captured, Capture screenshot allows you to crop, draw, rotate, invert, add text and more. It also carries a series of filters such as Boost, Grayscale, Gamma, Hue, Vignette etc. There is the possibility of saving screenshots in PNG or JPG image formats. Along with this, the app brings you themes and you can choose the color you like for the app to give it a personalized look. While the free version of the Screenshot capture packages in most features, the "Pro" version removes the ads and brings more filters.

Install (free, Pro version $ 3)

Compatibility: Android 2.3 and later versions.

In our opinion, these are the best screenshot apps available for Android. So, try it and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.