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5 apps to hide uncomfortable content

5 apps to hide uncomfortable content

Digital safes 2.0, protect photos, videos, messages, calls and any other kind of smartphone document from prying eyes. Even in disguise

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Modern smartphones (with the exception of Ngm, which have a reserved area by default), apart from the various blocks that can be set – starting from the classic one, of the micro-sim – they are an open treasure chest. Not so much towards strangers as to block it from a distance and in any case more so away from the owner, more a content loses value than those who live or work next to you, those who often frequent you, and can have dozens of opportunities every day to give a peek between photos and videos, messaging, incoming and outgoing calls and a thousand other contents.

How to maintain confidentiality? To prevent a suspicious picture from precipitating the situation? Nothing could be simpler. There are a myriad of apps that can build authentic digital safes on your smartphone, even tracing with the GPS the precise position and time of any attempted intrusions, taking pictures with a curiosity and protecting the flammable content. Here are five apps that will allow you to open your private area. But be careful not to forget the combination.

Cate (Android, 4.99)

Some of these apps have, say, a decidedly hotter shade. In the sense that they were designed primarily to cover (or eliminate completely) not so much the contents of the phone as calls and messages entering and leaving, the result of any reports that you want to keep hidden. Cate – Call and text eraser (here the video) the last one of the family, just released. They renamed it the fedifraghi app, in fact it can be exploited exactly as an opposite weapon: to spy and record, if installed secretly, the activity on another phone. A true boomerang. Attention, for: the data do not really disappear, but remain in a log file recoverable via PC. Also coming for iPhone and iPad.

Secret Folder 2012 (iOS, 0.89)

one of the most widespread and used. Based on management by gesture (in other words, a combination of points for entry and a whole hand for fast anti-panic exit away from prying eyes) creates a reserved area for bomb proof. It can import photos and videos from almost any other app (camera, computer, social network, video hosting sites, web) and also integrates a series of internal features that allow you to work on this content (crop, select and so on) without having to go over for other external apps. And therefore risk losing a few pieces on the street. In short, a closed and armored universe. Not to mention that it tracks unwanted access by taking photos of intruders and keeping the log of attempts even via GPS.

Kyms (iOS, 0.89)

Kyms perhaps the most hilarious of all. In essence, the operation does not vary much from the others. The point that the app is hiding under the guise of a common calculator. In short, the equivalent 2.0 of the safe under the framework. It is an extra security, in the sense that before trying to access the nosy event, you will have to try to understand where your confidential folder is (and whoever is near you will not have the slightest perception). Acronym of Keep your media safe, The app makes documents accessible only after entering a password. Unique that allows you to store and reproduce, among others, Avi and Flv files, it does not require physical connections (everything is done via wi-fi, here is the video) and, like Secret Folder 2012, can import photos, videos and other content from virtually any source you can think of. Access to your private media library is therefore hidden beneath an innocuous series of keys.

Zone (iOS, 0.89)

Zone, an all-Italian app developed by Alessio Vinerbi, has a somewhat simpler approach. It almost seems like a substitute for the image album that requires identification at the time of access. The original aspect compared to the other little programs that the reserved area in which it can move freely only ladmin can in turn be divided into various zones (hence the name of the app), some of which are also accessible to other accounts, each with its own password. Very useful for sheltering, for example, working documents in case of children in wild tweaking on the iPad. A weak point remains the possibility of sending the password via sms or e-mail: it would be the last thing to leave the message with the secret folder key saved between the sms. It does not allow you to download videos from YouTube.

Hide It Pro (Android, free)

With about a million downloads, Hide It Pro among the most popular to secure secrets and documents in mobile format. Also because it takes up the principle of Kyms: this time your safe will have the appearance of an audio manager of the device, any app to manage the volumes. Only once started, by holding down the logo above the toolbars, you enter the real room of wonders. You decide whether to set a pin or a longer password and then turn to the phone, catching the contents to be sent to Hide It Pro simply by sharing them (video here): they will disappear from the app to be stuffed in the reserved area. And the curious thing is that other apps can also be protected. You do not queue calls and messages, for free.


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