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5 apps to dance

5 apps to dance

Summer around the corner, time to jump on the track. Here's how to quickly learn the essentials to dance. Or at least move with dignity, between salsa and hip hop

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true. They are not all like the baby girl bounden, which has that element of union (always mediated by the smartphone, eh) so fascinating. All in all the apps for learn to dance or at least make a move to protect their dignity even in a fairly basic facility they do their job. Besides, summer is here, just around the corner. So you have to throw yourself. At least once in a while.

Starting right from the last arrival. Bounden (iOS, 3.59 euros) a real couple game. You have to hold the phone in two and coordinate your movements based on the path to follow around a sphere. Thanks to the use of the gyroscope, you'll find yourself composing within a few minutes and interpret real choreographies: the dancers of the Dutch National Ballet have developed them. Even the music of the six paths in tandem (named Grass, Coral, Peak, Aztec and so on) have been specially written.

Do not miss the objectives to be achieved to play via Game Center and a tutorial by the Dutch dancers. Too bad the Android version has been delayed (curiously, because the gyroscopes of many devices they misfire or they are not real gyroscopes).

The other apps are obviously of a different standard. Mostly set around video tutorials and obviously without the interactive part. iDance! (iOS, 0.89 euros) for example, more on the fitness side. The funny thing that, with the help of an instructor, you can make tailor-made lessons (I know, beginner sauce and samba) or take advantage of the 40 already loaded. The animations, not bad even if the protagonist could dress him, are 225 and each includes precise instructions on steps, movements and directions, rhythm and so on. Poor for the possibility of sharing and common point to many apps music library: only 35 pieces.

There are also apps dedicated to specific genres. the case of Learn Hip Hop Dance (iOS, 1.79 euros) very nice in the video part, all shot in HD, where they explain more than 50 typical movements, from pepper seed to cat daddy. The teacher? Brice Professor Lock Johnson, choreographer and founder of DanceTouchCollective as well as involved in the US talent So You Think You Can Dance.

Zumba Dance (iOS, 4.49 euros; Android, 3.73 euros; Windows Phone, 4.99 euros) instead returns to bet on a middle ground between dance and movement riding the boom of the recent discipline, mix between Afro-Caribbean dances and aerobics. Curious the possibility of creating a group with Facebook friends, set goals and train together. It is a pity that, as in the case of games, there is a lot of focus on in-app purchases, especially for music. In fact those included (Tiesto, LMFAO and some other artists), especially considering the price of the app. If you have no console you can try it.

Returning instead to more traditional dance genres, PocketSalsa (iOS, 3.59 euros; Android, 1.45 euros) the most popular in the segment and relies on 150 video lessons of the instructors of the Addicted2Salsa portal. The videos are downloaded, so they remain available even offline. The gem? It helps you to recognize the beat of the sauce even in the pieces where you never imagined finding them. A must for the salseri.


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