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48 GB disk for Powerbook

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48 GB disk for Powerbook logomacitynet1200wide 1

Trans. Intl, a company specializing in the production of memories and mass memories, has announced that it has started marketing a PowerBook version of the 48 GB IBM Travelstar disk. HD is the largest disk available today among those suitable for Apple laptops. and has significant features also in terms of performance. The spin speed of 5400 revolutions per second, the maximum transfer speed of 241 Mbit per second. The speed therefore adequate to make it the reference disk for those who need to process large quantities of data or large files as normally happens for those who work in the sector of digital video or photo editing. The disk also uses a new reading technology which makes the disc particularly silent and therefore even more suitable for use in laptops. Further information on the Travelstar disc can be obtained from the IBM reference page which provides details and an exhaustive overview of the disc's technical characteristics.

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