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3BMeteo, application for iPhone and iPod touch

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A new application for the weather on iPhone and iPod touch. The well-known 3BMeteo of Metesolutions, one of the most appreciated Italian companies in the sector and known for the accuracy of its meteorological analyzes, launched the program.

The application, developed by Massimo Torregiani, in a simple and powerful time. The heart of the system in the search field of the program that allows you to add (automatically) all the places where we want to have weather information. Once we find the city or town, we will have a main screen with current conditions which include humidity, pressure, temperature, strength and wind direction; further down, we will have the forecast for the following days. It is possible to deepen the forecasts for each day by obtaining the forecasts at night, morning afternoon and evening with the percentages of the possibility of precipitation, temperature, wind and pressure. For each section you can go even deeper into the detail of the precision, also obtaining forecasts on the amount of rainfall (for example the thickness of the snowpack or the millimeters of rain), the windchill and more.

Obviously there is also the possibility of automatically locating our position, entrusting the GPS with the task of finding the place where we are and the forecast of the place. As mentioned, all searches are automatically added to favorites; therefore it is not necessary to work to include the cities that interest us in the list of the most interesting places, even if on the other hand we must remove from the list the cities that, even for a simple sporadic interest, we have searched in the database.

Note that if you do research on mountain or seaside towns you will get specific information, for example the height of the snow on the descent systems.

3BMeteo includes, in addition to all Italian cities and countries, also some of the main cities in the world. To work requires an Internet connection or a cellular network connection. To download for free click here.

Below the screens, we also present a YouTube movie with the "visual" functioning of the program.