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3 × 16, an excellent all-Italian puzzle game!

In smartphones, it takes little to spend a few hours of fun, for example while we wait for the bus to arrive at the stop or if we simply have nothing better to do. In this regard it can be particularly rewarding to solve a very complicated puzzle, as in the case of 3 × 16, a simple but addictive puzzle, developed in Italy and recently made available for free on the Google Play Store.

3 × 16: train your mind in total relaxation? Nothing could be simpler

The first thing that jumps to the eye once the game starts is the minimalist but at the same time refined design, which contributes to making everything really intuitive. The levels that we will face will be characterized by 16 cubes, arranged disorderly on the 3 visible faces of a cube, which must be dragged to the starting position in the least number of moves possible. Operation that may initially be simple and immediate, but which with increasing difficulty will cause us many headaches.

The game levels that can be selected are varied and there is also a timer to challenge yourself and grind records on records. But not all, since the brain teaser Logico offers several original graphic combinations, suitably created so that, in addition to making it aesthetically elegant, the design of each graphic also determines the degree of difficulty.


As mentioned initially, 3 × 16 can be downloaded completely free of charge, with in-app purchases for those who want to unlock new graphics and subsequent puzzles. So let's talk about an addictive puzzle game capable of positively distinguishing itself without falling into mediocrit, but acting as an excellent method to relax by stimulating the mind.

3x16 - 3D Cube Puzzle Logic Game

In summary, without going into words, if you are looking for a good pastime to devote even a few minutes a day to stimulate memory, logic, cognitive skills and maintain high calculation skills, so as to increase your agility mental, 3 × 16 could be the answer!

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