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3 + 3 reasons to upgrade to Windows 10 (or maybe not)

Upgrade to Windows 10

Upgrade to Windows 10, s or not? Achab, a distributor specializing in innovative IT solutions, has analyzed pros and cons for individuals and companies.

Update to Windows 10, I'm? Achab, an Italian distributor specializing in scouting and the introduction of innovative IT solutions in Italy, analyzed the pros and cons for individuals and companies. The decision is up to the end users and depends on different factors, starting from the type of employment that is done, whether domestic or corporate. Achab summarizes the strengths and weaknesses in 3 points for private individuals and 3 for companies.

FOR COMPANIES, 3 reasons to update1. Saving money: after centuries in which everyone has always complained about Microsoft's licensing costs, the free operating system arrives (if you update within 12 months of launch). What better opportunity for a company that wants to save money while remaining technologically updated? Every left lost: update!2. A Windows for everyone: runs on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. And the applications automatically adapt to the device that is hosting them. Mobile users? Fixed users? Business apps? If there is a need to standardize management, Windows 10 is a good opportunity: update!3. Increased productivity: today we all use in addition to the PC also data in the cloud and smartphone and often the problem arises of interconnecting these tools. Windows 10 includes an app that allows you to work continuously between smartphones and computers: you can view photos taken on your Android phone on your PC or listen to a podcast stored on OneDrive … in short, a connector that brings together multiple objects and makes them usable everywhere. Not bad: let's update!

3 reasons to NOT update1. A guinea pig company: is worth? A young operating system inevitably brings with it defects and vices of youth because it acts as a guinea pig spontaneously? How does patching really work in a corporate environment? Are all RMM tools or IT management and remote control tools ready to support Windows 10? Too many unknowns: better not risk and postpone the update in a few months!2. Guaranteed updates for old operating systems: yes, of course, Windows 10 just arrived and will have a long life. But even if you have Windows 7 and Windows 8, you're not in bad shape. Support for these operating systems guaranteed until 2020 and 2023 respectively. You are safe in an iron barrel: it doesn't update!3. Old devices: do you have old scanners or plotters? Do you have physical machines to manage via serial or USB? Not saying that Windows 10 still supports them.

FOR PRIVATE PERSONS, 3 reasons to update1. Free, what to say After paying for decades, it's a shame to miss the opportunity to have a free Microsoft operating system. We update!2. Updated and full of news: a factory-fresh and latest fashion Windows. The new Edge? Multiple desktops? And the beautiful voice of Cortana? Impossible to resist. Patience if you have any youth defect, if you have problems you can always connect online with your mobile. Too good to resist: we update!3. 30 days warranty, no risk: After installing the update to Windows 10 you have 30 days to reconsider. If you don't like it, if you can't find things anymore, don't worry if you're terrified. There is a wizard to remove Windows 10 and get everything back to normal. You're in an iron barrel: let's update!

3 reasons to NOT update1. Automatic updates: if the choice of Microsoft to release the updates and automatically install them a good idea and a commendable initiative (a safer and always updated PC) and a dark side. What happens if an update causes more problems than it solves? already happened with the NVIDIA video card drivers and with a Microsoft software update. Time it up: maybe better to wait for a few months for all updates to be released to stabilize the system and then do an update.2. What if it doesn't work in my home network? According to the same Microsoft Some printers and other hardware devices may not work. The same applies to some software, including anti-virus or security programs, which may not even be properly installed. Even connecting to home or business networks could be problematic. This sentence on the preview site, still online. If it was all fake, they would have removed the page. I won't have to help Microsoft make all the peripherals work: let's not update!3. Windows 7 and desktop gadgets or MediaCenter: if you use Windows 7 with desktop gadgets to view weather forecasts, CPU temperature, the value of your actions, or use the MediaCenter during your free time and you can't give up, then stay where you are: Windows 10 completely wipes out these features. It doesn't update!

Upgrade to Windows 10