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25000mAh RAVPower Solar Energy Battery

25000mAh RAVPower Solar Energy Battery

Portable batteries are indispensable when traveling, especially when during the day you don't have the availability of an electrical outlet and having to leave, I started looking for a battery that would support me during an outdoor excursion. The requirements that I mainly need are two: a good capacity that would allow me to recharge various devices in a single day if necessary and the possibility of recharging the battery even in the absence of an electrical outlet. Among the different solutions I was able to compare on the web, I decided to choose the 25000mAh RAVPower solar energy battery.

25,000mAh RAVPower Solar Energy BatteryThis device has a very useful feature, provided with a solar panel positioned on the front of the battery, which allows recharging if it is exposed to direct sunlight. Useful when going to the beach or in the mountains.

Design and functionality of the 25000mAh RAVPower Solar Energy Battery

The 25000mAh portable solar-powered batteryof the well-known company RAVPower presents a rectangular base design, with dimensions 230 × 99 mm and a thickness of 41 mm. The weight of 620g and can not be defined as a walking battery, but can be essential during a trip of several days. The upper face of the battery is completely covered by a solar panel, which allows the internal battery to be recharged without the need to use the microUSB port, which is always present on the device.

Solar Power Battery RAVPowerAlongside the microUSB input port there is also a type C port to recharge the device faster. With three outgoing ports you can charge three smartphones or tablets at a time up to 5V / 6.4A using the Quick Charge, USB-C and iSmart charging ports.

25000mAh Solar Power Battery

The construction of the battery is conspicuously robust and dust, shock and water proof. There is also an LED emergency light that works in torch mode, flashing light and SOS. The integrated ring allows you to attach the solar battery to the backpack to be able to recharge while walking. These are all essential features to take it with you on a mountain excursion.

Use of the RAVPower solar energy battery

I used the RavPower solar battery during a three-day trip. Considering its 25000mAh capacity, it proved to be sufficient to cover the entire journey, without the need to have to recharge the product every night. Overall I was able to recharge four smartphones (5 full charges) plus a selfie Stick during the entire holiday. With the USB Type C port you can charge the battery much faster.

Considering the results obtained, the RavPower solar battery is excellent for use during short trips without the worry of having to recharge it every night. But the most interesting feature is the psolar ring for emergency recharging.When you are outdoors and it is difficult to find an electric plug to recharge the portable battery, you can put it under direct sunlight, so it can be powered automatically. Charging will not be fast, but it may be useful to extend its life.

RAVPower Solar Energy Battery with Torch


There 25000mAh RAVPower solar energy battery a great product to use when you need to stay away from home for several days and in the most extreme conditions in the presence of dust, water or mud. Not easily transportable unless you have a shoulder strap or a backpack. If you need a product to use every day, I suggest buying a smaller powerbank, but if you plan extreme walks, this product is unparalleled.

If you're interested in buying, you can find the battiasolare RAVPoweron Amazon

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