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Kingdom Hearts Dark Road for iOS and Android postponed to a later date

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, the spin-off of the famous franchise for mobile devices, it has been postponed until a later date, as announced on Twitter by the game's official account. Dark Road, presented in January under the name of ?Project Xehanort"Was expected on iOS and Android in the spring months but due to the dramatic health situation, the development of the game has suffered considerable delays that have forced Square Enix to postpone its release.

While waiting to discover new information on Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, which will be shared in June, it is recalled that the title will be available as additional content of Kingdom Hearts Union X, included in the respective mobile app, and will be distributed as free to play. The expected spin-off will allow players to discover more details about Xehanort's dark past by offering a gameplay based on fast and engaging battles in which there will be elements taken from the classic collectible card games.