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CalcBot, a new calculator for iPhone and iPad

CalcBot, a new calculator for iPhone and iPad –

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TapBots has just released a new calculator for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, characterized by carefully designed interface and original functions. These are Calcbot whose appearance was applauded and rewarded by users of Apple devices who have it in the top sales positions in about 24 hours.

Calcbot is distinguished by an interface in a cured time, with animations and sounds, but also very functional and very similar to that of the digital calculators of the 80s, advanced functions accessible by dragging your finger on the keys with standard function, expressions " live ?which take place while calculations are being made on a historical tape, emailing the historical tape as text and recovery of values ??and expressions for use in an ongoing calculation.

Calcbot costs 79 cents and can be purchased from this link

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