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The photo of the failed Shuttle: history of telescopes and old Macs.

The photo of the failed Shuttle: history of telescopes and old Macs. –

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Regarding the tragic explosion of Shuttle Columbia, so far, the only reliable element under analysis and made public by NASA, a very sparse photo of details but still the only clue from which to try to find out the causes of the mission's conclusion.

NASA initially made it clear that the photo (also reproduced on the side) came from a US military center that houses one of those fabulous telescopes capable of reaching very great optical distances, in particular the Starfire Optical Range at the Kirtland base in New Mexico serves to monitor spy satellites and any foreign missiles arriving on US territory.

It was only discovered in the following days that the photograph was taken amateur on February 1 by one of the three researchers from the military center, but in his spare time with a 3 and a half inch hobbyist telescope together with an old Mac, bought about 11 years ago .

The researchers at the base commented after the sensation that caused this photograph: "the worst photo we have ever taken for years and yet the one that earns the first pages, we realized the great importance of this image only after ten minutes".

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