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iPhone, a site demonstrates the qualities of its camera

iPhone, a site demonstrates the qualities of its camera –

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"Megapixel" the most popular word by digital camera manufacturers. Scrolling through the tables with the parameters some manufacturers indicate on the brochures that describe the products, the number of megapixels seems to be the only important element. It is not at all like this: the quality of the images depends on features such as the size of the sensor, the quality of the lens, the file compression format, the exposure, the vibration, etc. and even the simple 3 megapixel autofocus camera of an iPhone 3GS – in the hands of the right person – can be enough to produce excellent quality photos? Don't believe it? Try to take a look at this site: you will find some beautiful images made with the old generation iPhone retouched with Photoshop. They are proof that the quality of many images depends on the light and not only on the camera used.

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(By Mauro Notarianni)

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