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IPhone 4 receiving problem? there is an App for this too

IPhone 4 receiving problem? there is an App for this too –

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Notch display error? It really seems not. Erica Sadun, popular programmer and editor of TUAW, has developed a simple iPhone 4 application, capable of measuring the variation and intensity of the cellular radio signal perceived by Cupertino's mobile phone.

In a video that we propose below, Erica shows how the "hand effect" acts directly on the signal strength, not only on the display of the same on the notches of the Apple mobile phone, making the problem really real and not related to the software settings of the bars. of reception.

A video that would put an end to the hopes of those who counted on a possible software update capable of solving the problem; in the specific case, however, it seems that – despite Apple's statements – the defect is now well established at the hardware level.

Bad news therefore, which could certainly have negative repercussions on the sales of the fourth version of the iPhone for those who do not want to use it with a simple case. Here is the video made by Erica Sadun.

(By Giordano Araldi)

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