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Disney acquires the company that develops Tap Tap Revenge

Disney acquires the company that develops Tap Tap Revenge –

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After absorbing Playdom for $ 33 million, Disney has further demonstrated its interest in the mobile gaming scene by purchasing Tapulous, the independent startup founded by Bart Decrem and known for the creation of the Tap Tap Revenge music franchise for iPhone and iPod Touch . This was revealed by the well-known US blog TechCrunch, currently looking for more information about it. In fact, the details of the negotiation are not known, and in particular the figure for which Tapulous would have been acquired by the Californian giant. Very high numbers are expected, since the Decrem company has recently seen millions of dollars in revenue and partnerships with various record labels.

It would be interesting to know which direction Tapulous's projects will take thanks to Disney's influence, and whether or not the Tap Tap series will be distorted. The fact is that Disney currently owns its own internal development studio, which has created or produced games such as Spectrobes or movie film tie-ins.

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