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AppCake, TweakBox, AppValley, Ignition DOES NOT work: what to do?


AppCake, TweakBox, AppValley, Ignition and all the other methods of installing free paid apps on iOS don't work. Why? What to do?

TweakBox, AppValley, Ignition DOES NOT work

AppCake, TweakBox, AppValley, Ignition DOES NOT work


UPDATE MAY 9, 2020

  • AppCake does NOT work
  • AppValley does NOT work
  • Tweakbox does NOT work
  • Ignition does NOT work


In this article, which we will always keep updated, we will inform you in real time on the operating status of AppCake, TweakBox, AppValley, Ignition and all the other services that allow you to install free apps that were normally paid (such as AppCake, TweakBox, AppValley, Ignition) have stopped working.

At the current time AppCake, TweakBox, AppValley, Ignition They are NOT working as Apple has revoked all their certificates.

If you want to learn more about why these services do not work, continue reading the article.

Why don't AppCake, TweakBox, AppValley, Ignition work?

As anticipated, from one day to the next AppCake, TweakBox, AppValley, Ignition and all the others have been blocked by Apple and they stopped working.

This, in a nutshell, was translated the inability for users to download paid apps for free, as well as no longer possible install modified apps on iOS Such as Spotify ++, Instagram ++ and all the others we talked about in our own dedicated article.

At the moment we do not know if and when the situation will change or improve.

The only certainty, for now, is that all the services like AppCake, TweakBox, AppValley, Ignition and the like DO NOT work on iOS.

So if you want download free paid apps to your iPhone, iPod or iPad or you want download games with active tricks or, again, you want download modified apps, the only alternative that you currently have available on Jailbreak.

I'm pretty sure that things can change and improve in the next days / weeks, but at the moment I can't give you precise times for solving the problem.

For now the only thing I can tell you about don't waste time trying to run AppCake, TweakBox, AppValley, Ignition to download free apps: in fact, all these apps have been blocked upstream by Apple and they won't work again until developers find alternative ways to get around the Apple certificate block.

We will update the article as soon as possible communicate any news about it.

We cross our fingers and hope that a solution will be found as soon as possible.

For now, unfortunately, everything.

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