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Spotify, on Safari the web player is active again

Many users are accustomed to using Spotify from their PC through the web player interface, all the main browsers enjoy support and among these we naturally find Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera, however an important name was missing from the list, which has finally returned in the approval list. We are obviously talking about Safari, which since 2017 had disappeared from the support list without any motivation, a silent change at the time, which equally Apple has silently revised to appear among the approved ones.

Of course, the problem could be solved on the Mac using the native application, however it was a shortcoming that was finally filled with no particular announcements by the company. Spotify recently released some data for the first quarter of 2020, recording a boom in subscribers and reaching 286 million monthly active users, of which 130 million premium users. So a significant increase compared to the last quarter of 2019, a sign that the COVID-19 pandemic did not cause any repercussions to the music streaming service.

At this point, someone among you may be interested in activating a Premium subscription, the moment is propitious if we consider that just recently Spotify has reactivated the promotion of the 3 months free for new subscribers, extending the option also to Premium Family.