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Philips Hue white lamp for 4.99 euros on Amazon, the offer continues

Incredible offer on the white Philips Hue bulb: only 4.99 euros for some selected accounts. The offer acquires even more value if you consider that it does not need a Hue Bridge for correct operation, only bluetooth pairing being sufficient.

When it comes to smart lighting, the Philips Hue are certainly among the best known peripherals. At the moment it is possible to buy the model with E27 connection for 4.99 euros on Amazon: the bluetooth version, so it can also work without a Bridge, simply via a BT connection with the smartphone. At this address you can find the tutorial for correct operation without a bridge.

Philips Hue white lamp for 4.99 euros on Amazon, works without bridge

In order to buy the bulb at the special price of 4.99 euros, just click on this link, put the bulb in the cart, and enter the code ALEXAHOME in the cart before finalizing the purchase. At that point you will see the discounted price at 4.99 euros, excluding expenses.

Unfortunately the discount code only works with some selected accounts however, it can only be used once. We report, as far as we know, that it is not important to be Amazon Prime customers to ensure the discount works. Try it … you could be one of the lucky ones!

Click here to buy it.