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New Xserve and the Raid system on the market [aggiornato]

As we predicted in the article that we put online a few minutes ago, Apple updated the Xserve line.

The new machines project the processor speed in a dual or mono processor version at 1.33 GHz. The second level cache remains at 2 MB and the memory is the 333 MHz DDR SDRAM PC2700. The system bus is also updated to 167 MHz.

The FireWire 800 (two ports) also appears.

US prices start at $ 2799 for the single processor version; the dual version costs $ 3,799 instead

Apple also launched the expected Raid system, announced at the end of 2002 but not yet presented, capable of 2.5 TB with 14 ATA / 100 channels and dual 2GB optical interface. The Raid mounts 180 GB modules with speeds up to 400 Mbps.

Apple points out that the cost per GB ($ 4) is the lowest on the market and the quality of the software in Java for its management

Xserve RAID has two independent RAID controllers, dual 2GB optical interface, four 180GB modules and two redundant power supplies at a price of $ 5,999.

The version with 14 180 GB ATA / 100 disks, for a total of 2520 GB, costs US $ 10,999.

Soon a table comparing the old and new versions of Xserve with European prices.

We remind you that on MacProf has been active for some time a page dedicated to Mac on the Net and Xservecon interviews, comments and news on Apple's servers.

You can see the live photos of both the Xserve and the new Raids on this MacProf page.