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iPhone retired? No, an oversight from the Daily Mail

iPhone retired? No, an oversight of the Daily Mail –

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iPhone 4 due to its reception problems will be withdrawn and repaired. Signed Steve Jobs. Here is the news "bomb" of the weekend according to the Daily Mail. Too bad that the newspaper, known and affirmed in the world of "paper" went sensationally off target falling into a trap, which perhaps was not even such, tense by Twitter.

It all started with an article by Richard Ashmore, a journalist from the well-known British newspaper that in an article whose headline appeared on Google News immediately caused a sensation, stated how "Apple's boss, Steve Jobs, revealed this morning that specimens of the iPhone 4 could be withdrawn. " The announcement would have been made by Jobs through his very personal Twitter account, ceoSteveJobs, in which one of the latest tweets mentions "Maybe we should withdraw the new iPhone. This was not what I expected. "

All Apple fans know that Steve Jobs does not use any social network like Twitter or Facebook and a good part of them know very well that the above account is a simple parody of the Apple CEO; on the other hand, its author has never hidden the fact that he is a simple user who uses tweets to do a little gogliardia. For the Daily Mail reporter, however, this "small" detail must have been sensationally escaped by building a news around a post evidently, manifestly and admittedly ironic. The "sgoop" lasted for a few moments; the news was in fact immediately removed. Too bad that the readers quickly saved a screenshot, demonstrating that everything that ends up online can hardly disappear into thin air.

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