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iBike Rider, to ride a bike with iPhone

iBike Rider, to ride a bike with iPhone –

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iPhone on a bicycle and always protected from the weather. The new accessory called iBike Rider to contain and transport the mobile phone on two wheels has been announced by Lovemytime, a brand specialized in leisure products.

The case allows you to view and access all the functions of your iPhone (but also other touchscreen devices) thanks to the transparent and waterproof surface. easy-to-install iBike Rider; the velcro straps available speed up the preparations and keep your travel companion well anchored to the motorbike, scooter or quad. The predisposition for the exit of the headset improves safety for all those who use their iPhone or mobile phone also as a GPS navigator.The correct route is dictated directly inside the helmet without having to look away from the road.

The retail price of iBike Rider of 39.99 euros

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