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Castle Smasher to version 2.0 adds another 50 levels

Castle Smasher to version 2.0 adds another 50 levels –

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The development team Donut Games has published on the App Store a new and full-bodied update for Castle Smasher, a nice arcade pastime in which the player's aim is to break down the walls of a castle by throwing huge boulders with a catapult; in much the same way as seen in the most famous Angry Birds, it will be possible to decide the angle of shot and the power of the blow. The published patch updates the title to version 2.0, adding 50 new levels to those already present in the original version.

The gameplay has been further enriched with the introduction of new enemies and original stones to be thrown: some of these will bounce, while others will be set on fire. Castle Smasher can be tackled at different difficulty levels, while an unlockable achievement system pushes the player to repeat the various levels over and over again. If this is not enough, however, Donut Games has also added a training section, in which objectives are set to be knocked down in a completely random way. Castle Smasher available on the App Store for 79 cents.

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