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MediaMax CD-3 also protects audio CDs on Mac.

The copy protection technology for MediaMax CD-3 audio CDs is also compatible with Mac. This was announced by SunnComm, which has studied this system, considered among the most effective in preventing the diffusion of audio tracks downloaded from CDs on the Internet.

MediaMax CD-3 differs from other systems in that it does not prevent playing the disc on computers and also obtaining tracks to download to listening devices other than the CD player itself such as MP3 players or the same computer. Thanks to a series of proprietary technologies, on the other hand, MediaMax CD-3 can prevent the file from being copied via the Internet, effectively excluding the possibility of exchange on the network.

Many record companies have expressed great interest in the SunnComm system, giving free rein to experimentation on discs that could come on the market in the coming months such as Sterling Entertainmen's CD "The Early Session" by Ike & Tina Turner, soon to be released.

MediaMac Cd-3 is largely based on the possibilities offered by the Windows Media Player management system and, therefore, would not be theoretically usable for Mac. Hence the need to study a version also for our platform completed in recent days.

'Mac users too' said SunnComm's CTO 'are now able to purchase discs protected with our technology, play them on their PCs and extract tracks to listen to them on other devices. Compatibility with the Mac platform is a very important step in completely our puzzle '

Too bad that, it seems to understand, would exclude the possibility of using iTunes. SunnComm does not directly confirm this aspect, limiting itself to specifying that the copy and 'transfer' functions of the music files are carried out through a proprietary interface, suggesting that iTunes (but also other similar systems) would not be able to read the disks protected with MediaMax.

The limitation would not be small, given not only iTunes the system preferred by Mac users for listening to digital audio, but also the only system with which iPod can be managed and interfaced.