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Apple vice president Cynthia Hogan leaves Cupertino and chooses Joe Biden

Cynthia Hogan will leave Apple to follow Joe Biden. The Cupertino company announced it: in June 2020, Cynthia Hogan will leave his position at Apple to join the committee for the selection of the vice president of the candidate for the President of the United States Joe Biden.

Cynthia Hogan's support for the Biden team had already been discussed in April 2020, but now it is clear that one assignment will exclude the other, held in Apple by Hogan since 2016. Cynthia Hogan, Apple's vice president for public policies and government affairs, joined Apple in 2016, taking on policy and relationship-related responsibilities with the government. Apple has not yet named a replacement, but has confirmed its upcoming departure.

Apple vice president Cynthia Hogan leaves Cupertino and chooses Joe Biden

Prior to joining the Cupertino team, Hogan served as adviser to Joe Biden in the White House (Biden was vice president of the United States under the Obama administration from 2009 to 2017) and in the Senate. He also spent two years as vice president of Public Policy for the NFL. During his stay at Apple, Hogan referred to Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president for the environment, politics and social initiatives.

Hogan will join the Biden team together with Senator Chris Dodd, MP Lisa Blunt and Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles. Together, they will form the team of the Democratic Party candidate in the White House for the selection of the likely future vice president.

"Selecting a vice president candidate is one of the most important decisions in a presidential campaign and nobody knows more than Joe Biden," said campaign manager Jen O'Malley Dillon. Cynthia Hogan together with the other members of the committee will carry out a rigorous selection and verification process for Biden.

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