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Chrome Beta for desktop: the card groups with personalized names and colors arrive

The desktop version of Chrome Beta introduces i card groups, an unprecedented function that allows you to group open tabs by theme with a simple right mouse click. Each group of tabs can be customized with a name is a color (by default dark gray is used), and all associated tabs will be automatically linked together identifying them with a line of the same color, as shown in the images below:

To create a new group, just:

  • right click on a tab
  • create a new group
  • choose the name of the group that will be displayed on the left side of the tab
  • choose a possible group color that will connect all the cards associated with a line

The various tabs can be move and reorder to your liking. It is not clear when the same function will also be released on the stable version of the Google browser.

In order to download the latest version of Chrome Beta, simply go to the following address.