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Lenovo announced the new line of desktop PCs ThinkCentre based on most recent Intel Core 10th gen processors is Core 10th gen vPro, ideal for the professional segment where advanced safety performance and functionality are required.

The company offers several desktop solutions with form-factor ranging from the classic tower, to the SFF (Small Form-Factor), AiO (All-In-One) and TIO (Tiny-in-One) systems, without forgetting the versions updated of ThinkPad portable workstations.


As for the desktop segment, Lenovo announces three products in the line ThinkCentre Mrespectively M90, M80 and M70. ThinkCentre M90 represents the top of the range solution and uses Intel Core 10th gen vPro processors up to Core i9, available in tower and SFF format with SSD storage and ample flexibility in connection with USB Type-C, HDMI and DisplayPort.

ThinkCentre M80 follows the same line (with Core 10a gen vPro processors) but is aimed at the mid-market segment, while ThinkCentre M70 represents the most economical solution, also offering an All-In-One (M70a) variant with 21.5-inch display.

The fourth generation ThinkCentre "TIO" TIO22 and TIO24 close the line, systems that instead look at modularity and integrate best as solutions, offering, among other things, an ultra-compact design.


For those who need power and safety on the move, they come ThinkPad P14s is P15s which, thanks to the new Intel 10th gen, also guarantee high autonomy.

These mobile workstations are equipped with optional 4K displays and use CPU Intel Core 10th gen, including the Core i7-10810U which reaches a turbo frequency of 4.9 GHz. Graphic side we find some NVIDIA Quadro GPU, alongside SSD storage up to 2TB and WiFi connectivity 6.


  • Lenovo ThinkCentre M70 will be available from June 2020; prices start at $ 649 for M70t Tower, $ 629 for M70s SFF and 499 for M70q Tiny.
  • ThinkCentre M70a AIO will be available from June starting at $ 749
  • ThinkCentre M80 will be available in June starting at $ 759 for the M80t Tower, $ 739 for the M80s SFF and $ 879 for the M80q Tiny.
  • ThinkCentre M90 ??will be available in June starting at $ 839 for the M90t Tower, $ 819 for the M90s SFF and $ 909 for the M90q Tiny.
  • ThinkCentre M90a AIO will be available from June starting at $ 1029
  • ThinkCentre-in-One 22 Gen 4 TIO22 and TIO24 will be available from September
  • ThinkPad P14s will be available from May starting at $ 1599
  • ThinkPad P15s will be available from May starting at $ 1579