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MediaTek does not stop, and is ready to to launch another processor. After revealing one after the other, a few days ago, the new Helio G85 processors for the mid-range, and the top of the range Dimensity 1000+, it's time for a new ad.

The company itself communicates this through a promotional poster up Weibo: the presentation will take place on May 18, and it will be a SoC with modem Integrated 5G. The most accepted hypothesis is that it may be one enhanced version of an existing SoC, as happened for Dimensity 1000+: we are therefore talking about a possible Dimensity 800+.

What are the expected technical differences? The rumorsat the moment, they speak of one CPU with 2.6 Ghz overclocking (against 2.0 Ghz of Dimensity 800). To know something certain, however, we will have to wait for next Thursday, when the official presentation will take place.


AMD he presented Radeon Pro VII, high performance professional graphics card intended for workstations and optimized especially for areas such as CAE simulations (Computer-Aided Engineering) and developing HPC applications.

Radeon Pro VII uses a Vega 20 GPU – the same architecture as the Radeon Pro Vega II presented last summer – built with a 7 nanometer production process, a decidedly impressive chip, equipped with 60 CU and well 3840 Stream Processor. The memory department is equally valid and expected 16GB of HBM2 memory which, thanks to the large 4096-bit bus, manages to offer a bandwidth of up to 1 TB / s.

With this hardware equipment, the Radeon VII Pro guarantees a computing power of 13.1 TFLOPS in FP32 and about 6.5 TFLOPS in FP64. It should also be noted that the card uses the interface PCI-E Gen 4.0 and supports AMD Infinity Fabric Link technology, a low latency and high bandwidth connection that allows you to speed up and optimize communication between GPUs in Multi-GPU configurations.

AMD Radeon VII Pro will be available from mid-June to $ 1,899; We also point out that, together with the new professional card, AMD has also announced the updated version of the AMD Rendering Software and of Radeon Pro Software for Enteprise 20.Q2, a new driver that guarantees a performance increase of up to 14% compared to the previous version.

The new Radeon VII Pro will compete with NVIDIA Quadro based on Turing architecture, however we remember that just today NVIDIA could announce interesting news about it (see GPU Ampere at 7nm) in the event that collects the news expected initially for the GTC then canceled because of the pandemic.