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Panasonic Kairos is the bespoke platform for live video production

Panasonic has recently announced the arrival of Kairos, a new generation platform that aims to maximize productivity in live video production. It is based on IT / IP technology and has its strength in the totally open software architecture for the management of video streams and in independent hardware, as well as being entirely based on the capacity of the CPU / GPU processors.

This is the platform capable of managing any video stream regardless of the resolution and format (ST2110, NDI, SDI, HDMI, Stream IP and others) with which this is acquired and also capable of being configured with a number of ME (banks effects) and practically unlimited graphic layers, thus adapting to each workflow you want to create for the type of work to be carried out.

Panasonic Kairos, here is the bespoke platform for live video production

This system, of the COTS type – acronym for Components-Off-the-Shelf, refers to hardware and software components available on the market for purchase by development companies interested in using them in their projects – thus opens up new production opportunities : a versatile solution suitable for example for use in television studios, as it can be perfectly integrated into an infrastructure based on the ST 2110 standard without the need for additional IP gateways.

Panasonic Kairos not only responds to current traditional display management needs and classic broadcast requirements, but also adapts to handle new non-traditional display devices. For sports production, entertainment programs or for live events: regardless of experience and specific training, all staff, with a short technical training, will be able to use the user interface (GUI) to create engaging content or to manage a system complex.

Panasonic Kairos, here is the bespoke platform for live video production

Thanks to standard IP network connectivity as an alternative to point-to-point video connections, the platform can manage and mix all types of baseband or IP signals. Panasonic Kairos also processes all signals in uncompressed mode SDI, HDMI, ST 2110 and NDI in whatever resolution they are acquired, HD and UHD and in different formats, from 16: 9 to 32: 9 for large LEDs.

Generally, the GPU-based video signal process allows users to allocate computing power with 100% efficiency to achieve similar performance to dedicated high-end hardware systems. As a unique feature, this new Panasonic platform processes uncompressed video signals with a single frame delay and includes Precision Time Protocol (PTP) synchronization.

Panasonic Kairos, here is the bespoke platform for live video production

As we said, the particularly intuitive graphic interface: operators can easily manage an unlimited number of levels and effects thanks to Photoshop-style live composition. Since video mixing managed through the GUI, the platform has no limitations on the number of effect banks (ME) and keys it can manage, unlike a traditional mixer. The keys, the effects and the scaler are set in each scene without any limitation, therefore the total number of video layers limited only by the capacity of the GPU and the availability of bandwidth on the IP network.

The Panasonic Kairos system revolves around Kairos Core, the engine of the entire video process. The first version of the server will manage the video inputs / outputs through a Deltacast gateway and / or a Mellanox 100 GbE NIC (Network Interface Card) switch for COTS IP devices and SDI and HDMI interfaces. The control on the devices will take place with a separate Gbit Ethernet network, which will include the Kairos Creator, GUI software for the configuration that operates as a software control panel, and also, if present in the configuration, of Kairos Control, the hardware control panel of the 2ME mixer Panasonic high quality.

Other Kairos Creator and Kairos Control can be integrated in the same network but in different sites depending on where an operator, engineer or TD is located. With this platform you can easily add network hardware, input and output cards in order to multiply the number of sources and displays. Integration features can be added through optional licenses and, with the addition of other clustered servers, it will be possible to scale the system towards superior performance capable of responding to virtually every requirement from customers.

Kairos shipments will begin in the third quarter of 2020 and the minimum configuration will be available for around 30,000 euros. All macitynet articles that talk about Panasonic are available from this page.